Brandon Bond at the Ballpark

Famous Ink - Atlanta
By:Harrison Knolle

As the sound of the Tomahawk Chop echoes through Turner Field and its arms rain down on visiting teams, the work of All or Nothing Tattoo’s Brandon Bond can be seen gracing the arms of some of our hometown Atlanta Braves players. Bond, who we all know is an amazingly talented artist, is also an avid Braves fanatic. All or Nothing has become a tattooing epicenter for the city of Atlanta and even baseball celebrities. Bond has tattooed various players from Major League Baseball but we at Ink Atlanta love our Braves just like Brandon Bond. Since the 2009 MLB All-Star break, Bond has been tattooing Braves relief pitchers Peter Moylan, Kris Medlen and left field sensation Martin Prado as well as former Braves outfielder and current Houston Astro, Jordan Schafer.

The Australian born Peter Moylan had Bond reworked a sleeve that he was unhappy with that had been a collaborative effort from other artists. The sleeve gained additional artwork at All or Nothing as well as the welcomed corrections. Bond also reworked the half sleeve of the young Braves pitcher Kris Medlen. Medlen originally had a black and grey Koi before he went to see Brandon. In his sessions with Bond he redid the Koi with color and had fellow artist Dave Tedder sketch out some new Japanese waves. With the adding of the waves and a new Japanese mask, Bond managed to take a sub par tattoo and make it a great half sleeve. Fellow Braves player, outfielder Martin Prado, received an amazing black and grey cross from Bond who has a whole lot going on at All or Nothing Tattoo.

Not to mention about a million other endeavors you are sure to hear all about in his upcoming feature in the December issue of PRICK Magazine. The man does it all from tattooing to instructional DVDs, directing films, fundraising for charity and writing books. It is sure to be a solid piece on a talented workaholic and revolutionary in tattoo culture. As for our hometown Braves, they suffered a heartbreaking end of the season in September. Their loss in extra innings to the Philadelphia Phillies on the final game of the regular season kept them from a wildcard playoff spot. Keep your heads up Braves fans, there’s always next year!

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