Vick Dogs Starting Over In Smyrna

Three dogs seized when federal authorities busted up Michael Vick's dogfighting operation are being rehabilitated in the metro Atlanta area. A gag order covering the case was lifted Friday, allowing Channel 2 to get our first look at the dogs and to see the challenges they face ahead.

"Chuck" is the youngest -- a carefree pup just taking in life. "Seven" is the female and seemingly happy, according to Channel 2's Ross Cavitt. And "Makavelli" is the brown pit bull that is clearly shy and skittish. His foster dad, though, says rehabilitation is easy.

"Giving them a lot of love is the main thing. With these animals, they've never experienced love. When I got Makavelli, he didn't even know to wag his tail when I pet him. He just didn't understand, but that's just because he's never gotten anything but hatred directed towards him and that's obvious in all his mannerisms," said Brandon Bond.

Seven seems to be the most outgoing. "As you can see, she has completely put her trust back in the human community," said Darren James. But Seven has the most scars to show from her life in the dogfighting world.

"They're all over the place. All these little marks that you see across her face, all these marks across her chest and her legs," said James.

The All or Nothing Rescue Group knows these dogs, once part of the Michael Vick-funded dogfighting ring, are the rock stars of the pit bull world.

"The reason that we're here today is not about Michael Vick and it's not about his actions. It's about these dogs and what they've been through," said James.

"It was a great opportunity for us to show the world that these dogs aren't vicious," said Bond. "They're here to have a good time and they're totally safe."