Inked Magazine- Brandon Bond

From: All or Nothing Tattoo in Smyrna,GA

New Clientele
A bunch of baseball players invited me down to spring training in Florida just to hang out. It was a blast. It's weird, none of them knew where to get good tattoos. They were just going to a shop they saw on TV, and were actually paying more than what I charge. So I have been reworking a lot of their stuff, and doing a lot of cover-ups. You don't see a lot of heavily tattooed baseball players, but I believe it will be impossible by this time next year to find a game on TV where there isn't at least one player who's our client.

Words of Wisdom
My mother told me" the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary."That is one of my favorite pieces of advice and I have always lived by that. I have worked extremely hard for almost 20 years, sacrificing everything for tattooing. Between the shops in Atlanta, movies, publishing, online retail, and animal rescue... our family of staff has grown to 72 amazing and creative people.

What's Next?
To be honest, I'm looking forward to taking some time off this summer. My wife and I just bought a new ranch, and we built the most amazing tattoo theme park for our family of artists and our dogs. In order to enter the ranch you have to climb inside a two-story Japanese dragon, and then you slide down into its belly and it poops you out into the pool. It was based on a traditional Japanese illustration specific to tattoo art- and it's awesome.

Peter Moylan

What do Major League relief pitchers and Australian pharmaceutical salesmen have in common? Two things: They have to wear long-sleeved shirts to cover their tattooed arms, and Peter Moylan has been both. This spring, Moylan is entering his fifth big league season as a setup man for the Atlanta Braves after an unorthodox journey to the Majors that included a sting working for the man back in his native Perth, Australia.

He prefers the Majors-except perhaps when he's in Philadelphia. That's where he was heckled mercilessly about his tattoos while hanging out in the bullpen before a game (you can see the video on YouTube). "Those guys are brutal in Philly, they do their research," Moylan says with a good-natured laugh. "They knew things about me that I didn't know about me."

The incident took place a year before tattoo artist Brandon Bond, of All or Nothing Tattoo outside Atlanta, did his research and convinced Moylan that he was in need of some serious " turd polishing". Between games, Moylan gave his non-throwing left arm to Bond for a serious of sessions.

"Now I have some real art," he says of his sprawling, colorful sleeves that include a fleur-de-lis and the names of his kids. The elements were included only "on the condition that I give up some blank space for the guys to do something original." So this year, he's going to get something on his back and he's leaving it almost totally up to his artist. "As long as it's not just naked chicks and violence, I'm ready for anything," he says- except perhaps this baseball geek's suggestion that he get tattooed with his stats from the mound at the end of every season until he fills up his back to look like the flip side of a baseball card. It's probably not the aesthetic he's going for, but that's just as well, since Moylan's stats have been a work of art in their own right. He's got a career ERA of 2.45, and opposing batters hit just .231 against him. And though his sleeves will be covered with sleeves on the mound, you won't be able to miss Moylan this year; his unorthodox sidearm release will no doubt help the braves out of many late-inning jams.
-Eli Ackerman