VICKtory to the Underdog

I thought the approach taken by director Brandon Bond was both clever and unique. With the background information I was given about the film, I was expecting there to be much more focus on the Michael Vick case and quite honestly thought the plot would end up being quite dry.

What I was not expecting was the thought provoking and moving story that focused not only on the rescuing of the dogs but also the lives of such interesting and dedicated people like Bond and his friends who are the products of second chances.

Bond and his friend Danny Trejo are prime examples of how positive and influential having a "second chance" can be. I enjoyed how this theme was carried throughout the film as Bond portrayed how the rescued dogs were also getting the second chance they deserved and then finally his declaration that even Michael Vick deserves a second chance.

As a dog lover and owner the film was extremely touching to me. I could never imagine treating my dog, or any living animal for that matter, with such malice and cruelty. The bond and love that the characters each had with their dogs reminded me fondly of how close I too and am with my Jack Russell, and how it's true, he's so much more than a pet, he is a part of my family.