Braves Prospect Gets Some Ink
Written by slanch

Before the 2008 season Jordan Schafer was one of the crown jewels in the Atlanta Braves farm system, but after being suspended 50 games for alleged HGH use, (despite no proof he took or purchased it) the luster was off him. Last year in limited duty Schafer came up and played decently, but was also not particularly impressive. Over the offseason he's been busy expressing himself, in particular with his giant new sleeve tattoo.

The art, done by All or Nothing Tattoo first required a fair amount of reworking some of the work that had been done by another, inferior artist. Once that was cleaned up, Schafer was left with a left arm adorned with several Michaelangelo renaissance statue faces and this piece of wisdom: "Our greatest glory is not in rising but in the rising after the fall."

Shafer intends to get work done on his right arm as well. He's not alone amongst the Braves, 7 of the players to date have been or are getting tattoos from the gang at All or Nothing who have some fine photos and video of the players getting their tats.