It’s officially the new year! Now I’m sure you all are still nursing a New Years Eve hangover, and we are too, but beyond being the biggest party day of the year, the new year is a time to make completely unrealistic promises about what a saint you are going to be next year. So , instead of the tired old, “I’m going  to go to the gym everyday,” resolutions, why not try setting a goal for your shop? Perhaps a promise to attend atleast two conventions next year , or to send your work out to every tattoo magazine you can find. And whenit comes to conquering the tattoo industry, is there anyone with more experience then Brandon Bond? Say what you will about his ego, the guy is one successful tattoo artist. Check out our review of his DVD The Whole Enchilada for more career building advice.

This month we literally take you across the globe for one of our shop of the month features. Darin Burt has a chat with the folks at Skinks in New Zealand; follow co-owner Nadine Bryant’s advice on how to do a killer portrait and how to properly drink your Jack Daniels. Then Denise Hood visits Man’s Ruin Tattoo in North Carolina, where the all-female staff will treat you right, unless you question their choice of she-staff, in which case they’ll boot you right out.

PAIN MAGAZINE #68 January 2008 , page 6

The Whole Enchilada and See You In Hell

Stranglehold Publications


If you haven’t caught Brandon Bond at a convention yet, don’t worry, his two DVDs, The Whole Enchilada and See You In Hell will give you a taste of both of this tattoo maverick’s party-hard, work-harder lifestyle.

The Whole Enchilada is like a one-on-one seminar with one of the tattoo industry’s most successful and controversial figures Brandon’s basic message is: ‘You can do it too, and here’s how.’  The Whole Enchilada is’nt for the amateur, and it isn’t for the amateur, and it isn’t for the scratcher looking to bypass an apprenticeship. Brandon makes sure he makes known right from the start, and Stranglehold Publications verifies that you’re a bonafide tattoo artist before they will mail you a DVD. It is for the artist who is looking to take his or her career to the next level. It covers  everything from getting clients to agree to dope tattoos that will build your portfolio to mixing inks to getting your work published in magazines such as PAIN, and trust us, he makes some valid points about how to get our attention.

“I was touring for two years doing live tattoo seminars at conventions, and it was like a comedian telling the same jokes every night,” Brandon says.  “It was also difficult because there was no way to show, in a live setting, up-close tattooing and explain it the way we could with the medium of video.”

You might have a hard time explaining Brandon’s lifestyle without a video camera also. See You In Hell follows him on a whirlwind 17-city tour and offers the voyeur in you a look inside the wild life of Brandon Bond. The DVD also includes a visit to Brandons private tattoo studio, A.N.T.I. Art Elite, complete with its two movie screens, Koi fish ponds and waterfalls. If The Whole Enchilada didn’t light a fire under your ass, as it claims to do, See You In Hell will certainly get you in gear when you see what big-time success in the tattoo industry can bring.

PAIN MAGAZINE #68 January 2008 , page 50