Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved?

YES!!! There is a variety of ways anyone can help. Simply assisting us in our grassroots efforts to spread the word and our film.
Get multiple copies, make people watch it.
Help us repost bulletins on facebook, sell our movie on your websites, add links to everything we are doing everywhere, talk to anyone that will listen, put information about these charities and ours on social networking websites, and other community sites, place these pages in your top friends.
Ask your veterinarian to sell copies of our DVDs in their offices.
Post the preview to our film on all your friends pages Put the preview of the film on your own websites and pages, force people to watch it. Knowledge is power.

Donate, one dollar, every chance you get to these charities,
DO NOT SEND IT TO US!!! We do not want it! They NEED it. People are constantly trying to give us money, but we want these specific charities to have it.

Send it to Friends to the Forlorn-

Send it to Tia- Villa Lobos Rescue Center
.Donate .50 cents if that's all you can afford.

Donate your TIME, go to a local no kill shelter and offer to simply WALK the dogs.

Open your home to FOSTERING an animal scheduled for euthanization. If you are interested in Fostering a dog, or need help with fostering, please email

Don't BREED your animals, there are plenty dying everyday and to add another litter just limits the homes available. Breeding effectively "undoes" the good that we are doing by saving them.

-Brandon Bond