August 19, 2009 | Animals

New Program on Animal Planet: Second Chance for Man and his Best Friend

Next month a new reality show titled “Pit Bulls and Parolees” debuts on Animal Planet. The program is already winning hearts and headlines for its compelling depiction of the Villalobos Rescue Center. This small desert kennel in Canyon Country, California, is a haven for abandoned, abused, and rescued pit bulls.

The Rescue Center was founded by Tia Maria Torres in 1995 in reaction to the high number of pit bulls who are destroyed every year in dog fights and pounds. It houses up to 250 dogs, helping rehabilitate traumatized animals, and providing obedience classes for pit bull owners.

Torres also offers a new start for another group that has a hard time being accepted by society: ex-cons. Villalobos’ “Underdawgs” program provides room, board, and job training for parolees. The humans and the dogs help each other open up because they understand each other, says Torres.

“The dogs bring out the best in these guys,” Torres explains.

According to Animal Planet, the show is about “a chance at redemption, rehabilitation and rebirth for both man and man’s best friend.”

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