Brandon Bond’s
Pitbull Rescue

by Jorma Kelevra photos by chuck b.
by zac hobbs
photos courtesy of all or nothing tattoo

In the realm of tattoo artists, Brandon Bond is one of the most well-known and sought after; his skills with ink are undeniable and virtually everyone knows that he can do a killer tattoo. However, what few know is that Bond is also in the business of saving pittbull’s lives.

 After three of Micheal Vick’s abused pittbulls were sent to the Georgia SPCA, two of them have now found new care at Bond’s All Or Nothing Pittbull Rescue, where they have gone under a great deal of rehabilitation. After an intensive twoweek long training program, Bond claims that the former Falcon’s abused dogs have come a long way and are already responding to voice commands and general training.

They have begun to wag their tales and seem generally excited about everything. Bond adds,“Rescued dogs are the most loyal animals on earth.They are thankful just to be fed.” And these aren’t the only two pitbulls Bond has rescued and helped turn into loving pets; the All Or Nothing Pitbull Rescue has rescued and saved over 200 pitbulls to date.You can see pictures of Vick’s rescued dogs, as well as press conferences and streaming video of Bond at