Great Pit Ball – A Raucous Success!

March 17, 2009: 6:29 PM
Art, animal, music and film lovers party for a cause

by Denise LeBeau, Best Friends staff

The Great Pit Ball held on March 14 at the Palms and House of Blues brought together people from around the country to help raise money and awareness for pit bulls. Featuring a live art auction, gourmet cuisine, movie premier and some of the best hardcore bands of all time for the late night concert –this wasn’t exactly your grandparent’s type of animal welfare event!

Bidding at the live auction was fierce!

The fundraiser is to benefit Villalobos Rescue Center the nation’s largest pit bull rescue located in Canyon Country, CA. Villalobos is a rescue, rehabilitation and placement facility for abandoned and abused pit bulls. Villalobos also takes in wolf dogs that are displaced due to emergencies. Founder Tia Maria Torres sees a need and consistently rises to the occasion to be part of the solution. From the free pit bull dog training classes in Los Angeles to the Pets in the Hood program, Villalobos is where the rubber meets the road in animal welfare!

Tia Maria Torres thanking the participants

Brandon Bond, award winning artist of All or Nothing Tattoo Studios, not only arranged for this fundraiser but is the director of Vicktory to the Underdog: From Hell and Back. This dogumentary features some of the dogs near and dear to Bond’s heart - pit bulls! The movie is dedicated to one of Michael Vick’s rescued dog named “7”. One of the major themes of the movie is to get the public to go beyond thinking in stereotypes! It makes the analogy that people with piercings and tattoos are judged unfairly, much the way pit bull type dogs are misaligned and demonized. Judging from the group of supportive and generous pit bull fans it’s easy to see that these people and dogs do have a lot in common: they’ve got a lot of heart!

The mood of the event of festive and fun! There were many people there to support the cause and see the movie. It was also a place to mingle with old friends and make new ones.

Photo Gallery of the Event!

Shannon & Casey of Punctured Piercing and Tattoo studio,SLC

Dog trainer Steve Ritt & singer Kimber Cleveland get real for the animals!

Pixie Acia & guests talk shop at Best Friends booth!

Gypsy Queens party for a cause!

Family man – Brandon Bond with his lovely wife, Ashley

Alianora, Dave Tedder , Lara and Sam Hinson

Jill Matsuda, Best Friends volunteer educates guest called Snatch on the benefits of spay/neuter

Support the Cause!
*To buy the Vicktory to the Underdog DVD and other cool merch: Click here
Proceeds from DVD sales go to Villalobos Rescue Center!

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