“The only way to get a pit bull to be aggressive is to torture that animal,” insists tattooist/entrepreneur Brandon Bond of All or Nothing Tattoo. As anyone can attest, they are very loyal and very loving, precisely the traits that have led to the tragic fate befalling so many of the breed.  While the Michael Vick trial illuminated us to the violent and sadistic world of underground dog fighting, in addition to exploitation and torture, this breed experiences the highest rate of abandonment.

      Bond explains, “People believe the media hype, and buy a [pit bull] in the hopes that it will be a big, scary guard dog. The dog grows up and is not aggressive at all, so they get rid of the dog. In the United States alone we euthanize millions of perfectly healthy animals every year. Pit bulls are the most euthanized of all breeds - and the most abused. “

      And even for those abandoned and abused APBT’s (American Pit Bull Terriers) who are rescued, the outlook is bleak. “It’s ironic – tragic really – how APBT’s in this country are mistreated so intensely by criminals, yet after we swoop in and “save them” it is the standard policy of almost all local and county governments to euthanize them when they’re no longer valuable as evidence,” says Bond. “There is no safe haven for APT’s”

      In addition to owning an animal rescue company, http://www.atlantapitbullrescue.com, and finishing up his years in–the-making documentary on the subject, “VICKtory to the Underdog”, Bond is now undertaking the single biggest charity event ever organized by the tattoo community, The Great Pit Ball.

      “We are taking over the Palms Casino and the House of Blues in the
Mandalay Bay Casino on March 14th. There will be an amazing gourmet meal prepared by the nation’s top chefs, a red carpet premiere of “VICKtory to the Underdog”, an art show that’s open to all artists who want to donate work, and a benefit concert. The event will be filmed by Animal Planet and 100% of all profits from this event  will go directly to Villa Lobos (www.vrcpitbull.com) which is the largest rescue in the world.”

      For info on the Great Pit Ball, go to www.allornothingtattoo.com.