Tabu Tattoo #33
A Naked Tattooed Nanny?
That’s SupercalifragilistiSEXpialidocious!

If you have been to many tattoo conventions, chances are, you’ve run into Caycee Jones.  She’s been winning awards for her ink all year, from Best All-over Female to Best Color.  Caycee has some spectacular work, and we convinced her to show us every inch of it.

            She started getting tattooed when she was 15, and she’s planning to finish off a full body suit.  She says, “I was always fascinated by color on skin and the beauty I saw in it.  I took an unwanted 5 year break from tattooing a while back, but decided last fall it was time to get back to what I love and do something for myself.”  She’s been getting tattooed regularly ever since, adding the pieces on both of her forearms and her feet in the last year.

            To support her tattoo habit, Caycee works as a nanny for “two very sweet little girls.  One is a year and a half now, the other is a little over three years.  I adore the children….they’re so pure.  It’s very rewarding.”

            Caycee gets her tattoo’s from Atlanta ’s Brandon Bond, and she considers herself to be his biggest cheerleader.  “I found his shop on the internet, and I was instantly drawn to his style.  I emailed him to get an appointment about finishing my bodysuit, and he’s been tattooing me ever since.  Not only is he a great artist, but he’s a wonderful, caring friend.  I have nothing but respect for him.”

            In additions to watching over kids and getting tattooed, Caycee enjoys performing in with the 5 Points Rockstar Orchestra.  She’s been part of a 666 Show, which was a tribute to Iron Maiden, and she participated in 2 performances of Jesus Christ Superstar.

            Look for Caycee on the convention circuit next year, or check her out online at .