VICKTORY: To the Underdog Hell and Back

Speaking of big-hearted,beautiful friends with a soft spot for pitbulls...tattooist extraoirdinare Brandon Bond is offering a special 4-disc edition of his award-winning documentary: VICKtory To the Underdog. Called the VICKTORY MEGA PACK, it includes the feature film, two companion discs and the movie's soundtrack.

Vicktory: To the Underdog takes an in depth look at Bond and his dog rescue efforts, particularly on behalf of the infamous Michael Vick fighting dogs. Rather than exploiting the tragedy of pitbull abuse and bias, Vicktory sheds light on solutions for all the underdogs in the movie: tattooed people, pitbulls, ex-cons, and all others that society turns its back on due to ignorance and prejudice.

To order the VICKTORY MEGA PACK, or just the movie or soundtrack, go to You'll also find a full line of Brandon Bond DVDs as well as merch from  his tattoo shop, All or Nothing.