Pit Bulls From Vick to be Revealed


Friday will be a big day for dozens of animals once owned by former Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick. The pit bulls that have been kept under wraps since they were confiscated from Vick's Virginia property last year will be re-introduced to the world.

Brandon Bond is an artist who expresses himself through his work at the All Or Nothing tattoo studio in Smyrna. Right now, there's not much Brandon can do to express himself about his other love -- his celebrity house guest, the one under a sort of tail wagging witness protection.

"I'm not allowed to discuss the actual location of the animals, the sex of the animals, the color of the animals -- all I can really say is just that they're awesome," said Bond.

For the past month, Bond has served as foster dad to one of 50 pit bulls made famous by last April's raid on property owned by Michael Vick. A court order has kept Bond muzzled, preventing him from revealing much about his visitor from Virginia.

On Friday, the order will be lifted, and Bond will be able to reintroduce the victim of Vick, new name and all.

"The media has made them out to be monsters," Bond said. "They're not monsters at all -- they're super sweet."

Of the three dogs brought to Georgia, Bond said one wears the scars of dog fighting. He said the animal under his care is timid and afraid.

"He doesn't know how to give and receive love," he said. "So we're basically having to teach him from the ground up, everything about being with humans. I don't know what they did to him, but it wasn't good whatever it was."

After six months of training, the dogs will go up for adoption.

"It's a really good opportunity to turn a negative into a positive," said Bond. "The front end of this story was so horrific -- now to see these dogs hanging out, being normal. I think the world needs to see that."

On Friday morning, a federal judge will sentence Oscar Allen, 57, for his role in the Vick dogfighting ring. Allen admitted to selling a dog to Vick's Bad Newz Kennels, and traveling to dog fights.