Peter Moylan of the Atlanta Braves is a real life "Wild Thing".

By Terrance Jackson of

There is no one in baseball like the Australian, side arm, relief pitcher Peter Moylan. Moylan went 6-2 with a 2.84 ERA and no home runs allowed in a franchise-RECORD 87 appearances, the second-most appearances in the majors in 2009. He did that one year after having ligament-transplant elbow surgery (Tommy John Surgery)

During Moylan's 2009 Career he spent some time at the World Famous All or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta, getting his arms tattooed.

With his goatee and sideburns, glasses, and tattoos, his manager of Team Australia in the World Baseball Classic compares Peter Moylan to 'Wild Thing,' the Charlie Sheen character in the 1989 movie, 'Major League.'

"Oh, yeah, you should see him," said Jon Deeble, manager of Team Australia in the World Baseball Classic. "But, then you should see him pitch."

Along with Peter Moylan, Martin Prado, Jordan Schafer, Kris Medlin get tattooed at All or Nothing Tattoo in Atlanta, GA. Among now a countless slew of other players that seem to be flocking to the studio. When asked about tattooing baseball players so frequently, Studio owner and celebrity tattoo artist Brandon Bond (the most award winning artist in America) replied, "It has changed the way I view baseball, for the better. They are all super nice guys who just want the best tattoo possible, it's a party every time a player flies into town for some artwork".

After allowing five runs without recording an out in his first two games, the right-hander posted a 2.22 ERA in his remaining 85 appearances.

He had a 4.62 ERA and .272 opponents' average in 49 games before the All-Star break, then a 1.00 ERA and .217 opponents' average in 38 games after the break. He recorded 33 strikeouts in 36 innings after the break as he continued to regain arm strength.

Moylan, who turned 31 last month, was in his first year of arbitration eligibility after making $410,000 in 2009 -- just $10,000 over the major league minimum. This year he signed with the Braves for well over 1 million dollars. Is it the tattoos? Or is he just an amazing and underrated workhorse?